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What about Ofsted?!

With the new Ofsted inspection framework out all schools are having to meet new targets, and Yew Tree Farm School can help!

Click here to read the framework.

With a new focus on children’s personal development, we can offer experiences unavailable within the classroom. By attending sessions at Yew Tree Farm School learners can develop and discover their individuality, interests and talents; whilst building their resilience and confidence. Working and learning on the farm enables children to improve their physical and mental health. Additionally, we equip children to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who are knowledgeable and passionate about sustainable food production.

Through teaching topics from the national curriculum in an engaging outdoor environment we aim to give all learners the ability to succeed. We work with schools to develop ambitious learning objectives for each session. Our learning environment is ideal for boosting the achievement of the most disadvantaged learners.

Ofsted is asking to see learners that are committed to their learning, resilient to set backs and take pride in their achievements. All this can be achieved through sessions at Yew Tree Farm School and the impacts on behaviour will be seen in the classroom too.

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