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At Yew Tree Farm School we pride ourselves on educating children and young people on the field to fork process. As a working farm we rear some of our animals for meat and grow produce on our allotment. 

We take great care in ensuring all our farming processes model traceability, sustainability and low food miles.


All proceeds from Yew Tree Farm Produce support the running of our farm school. 

Yew Tree Farm Produce

YTFP carrots.PNG

Free-Range Eggs

We have a limited number of free-range eggs available everyday. Bring along your egg box, collect the eggs from the chickens and take them home to enjoy!

Our chickens are truly free-range with acres of orchards, grazing and woodland to explore. The bright golden yolks of our eggs set them apart from commercially produced free-range eggs and make the perfect Sunday brunch treat or delicious sponge cake. 


£2 for half dozen

Free-Range Meat

All of our animals are bred locally, or on our own smallholding. We visit where they have been bred and raised until weaning to ensure they have had the best possible start in life. Once a part of Yew Tree Farm School the animals all have the best care possible, with warm straw beds, plenty of outdoor space and they always have company.

We know our animals have had a good and happy life, which is reflected in the excellent quality of our meat. 

Quarter Pig Boxes


Available throughout the year. Contact to inquire.


The box contains: half a shoulder, half a leg, a belly piece, chunky chops and proper sausages, perfect for pigs in blankets.

Joints will serve 4-6 people with left overs.


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