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Aims & Values

Yew Tree Farm School is a community of students and staff each showing commitment to the school by striving to add value.

Our Fundamental Values

  • Be kind above all else, demonstrating understanding and compassion to create a caring and safe environment

  • Have high expectations of themselves and of each other and work together to achieve these

  • Demonstrate perseverance when challenged

  • Strive to discover their identity and interests and build confidence in themselves as individuals

  • Be engaged and committed to their learning and subscribe to the emphasis on outdoor practical learning

Our Aims

  • For students to confidently move on to a different educational provision (either mainstream or specialist) by secondary school age or earlier, with the potential use of our alternative provision to aid with the transition.

  • For students to develop an understanding of their identity and values within the school community and use this to feel confident outside of school. 

  • For students to take pride in and engage with their educational setting in a way they can apply to their future education. 

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