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An Alternative Provision For Your Child 

Yew Tree Farm School offer individual or group sessions for students that are home educated, currently out of education or that need some time outside of the classroom. 

One-to-One Sessions

Some students need to build confidence in themselves before tackling the social anxieties of being around others, and for those students we provide a bespoke plan based on their individual needs.

"Our son has been attending for over a year; it has had a lifechanging effect on him and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  His wellbeing has improved immeasurably and it has allowed him to engage in socially-mediated learning in a way that would not have been possible in any other setting.  The experiences he’s had have taught him about animal care and helped him to cope with social interactions.  The farm is such an important part of his life now!”

School Nurture Groups

Weekly sessions at the farm are hugely beneficial for all students, especially if they are struggling to engage in the classroom. Each week the group will build confidence and develop their skills in animal care, forest skills, and a variety of researched based outdoor learning. The sessions are highly rewarding and increase learner wellbeing and enthusiasm both whilst at the farm and within the school environment.

We currently have students funded by both Kent County Council and Medway Council and are a registered provider with both local authorities. In addition, we have students visiting us weekly funded by their schools to help support them with their learning. Students can also be privately funded by parents and carers. 

To find out our prices and more, see our prospectus: Yew Tree Farm School, Your Alternative Provision

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