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At Yew Tree Farm School we aim to use the farm to connect our Maths to a real life concept and engage the students. 

 Our lessons always start with practical concrete Maths before moving to the pictorial and finally the abstract. This allows students to fully grasp each topic, with a deep understanding of the skills and concepts.

We follow the Hamilton Brookes scheme as the base for our Maths curriculum. Using students' knowledge gaps, EHCP targets, ages and abilities we can then adapt the scheme to offer a bespoke curriculum offer to each individual. 

The class all study the same area of learning together, but work is individually differentiated to ensure all students are suitably challenged and supported. This allows students to work collaboratively on the starter and plenary, but work on different levels of maths exercises. We are able to ensure effective differentiation through high staff to student ratios and small class sizes; ensuring all students are accessing the level of work and support that with enable them to make good progress. 


 We use Hamilton Brookes resources and work books to tailor tasks to each student. Offering students high quality, pre made resources reduces the demands that they can feel when faced with a blank page in an exercise book. It also means we can quickly start a Maths exercise without losing pace in the lesson and students becoming distracted or disengaged. 

To ensure consistency throughout the school we follow these calculation policies:

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division

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