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School Life

Yew Tree Farm School is an Outdoors School, where the farm is the classroom. 

Days on the farm reflect the seasons and the farming calendar. The learning environment is dynamic and ever changing, and no two days are the same.


We are a small school with a maximum intake of 12 students. Classes have up to 6 students in each, with a class teacher and two teaching assistants. High staff ratios allow for bespoke and targeted learning for all students, meaning progress can be made quickly and knowledge gaps can be filled. 

Students follow a Daily Timetable which includes lessons covering the National Curriculum as well as sessions focused specifically on farming. Our Curriculum is broad and balanced and takes into account student baseline assessments, EHCP targets and interests and passions.


The Farm is a community of learners and staff. The whole site comes together for shared lunches cooked over the camp fire, for PSHE discussions and to achieve farm tasks that require a group effort. Students know they are valued and that they are capable of adding value to the community.

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